Instagram, with over thirty billion pictures shared and three hundred million monthly active users, generates a mean of seventy million photos per day. Themobile-based photo- and video-sharing social network powers the sharing of images and creation of community among users round the world. At solely 5 years old, the platform has shown vital growth in its overall user base and in virtually each demographic cluster within the past year.

As folks be a part of Instagram in droves, brands have a singular chance for engagement with their fans: Instagram posts generate a per-follower engagement rate of four. 21 percent—58 times additional engagement per follower than Facebook and one hundred twenty times over Twitter.

Success for brands on Instagram takes over business enterprise enticing images—it is that the product of thoughtful strategy, a well-defined complete identity grounded in visual creative thinking and eective community management. As you explore the potential of Instagram for your business, confine mind the actual strengths of visual social media for telling a compelling story regarding your complete.

To help you develop associate degree Instagram selling strategy supported clear objectives and measurable results, we’ve place along this comprehensive guide.

Determine Your Objectives

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