Facebook Marketing From A to Z


Facebook Marketing A to Z

I. Facebook Marketing Overview.

Facebook up and coming has been viewed as the biggest informal community on the planet, which can be contrasted with a country regarding populace. Facebook gives individuals more flexibility and adds to the development of a level world where there is little crevice between the genuine and web world.
The following are Facebook measurements in 8/2013 on Facebook clients and its client patterns.
There are at present 1.15 billion Facebook clients and 699 every day dynamic clients.

  • Averagely, one person gets connected to and like 89 groups/Fan Pages.
  • The average time a user spends on Facebook each day is 20 minutes.
  • An average user has 141.5 friends.
  • There are totally 50 million Fan Pages.
  • 240 billion of photos have been uploaded to Facebook.
  • There are 350 million of photos uploaded to Facebook each day.
  • The total number of songs and albums shared on Facebook is 110 million.
  • 48% of 18-34 year old users think about checking Facebook first when they wake up every morning.
  • 250 million of users play games on Facebook each month; the most popular games are: Candy Crush Saga, TripAdvisor and Farmville 2.
  • There are 130 million Istagram accounts connected to facebook, which are posting more than 40 million of pictures from Instagram each day.

Those numbers strikingly delineate the fame of Facebook, along these lines why would it be a good idea for us to try endeavors to envision how the world would be without Facebook? It is completely garbage! Generally if there would be such situation, there must be some more noteworthy interpersonal organization than Facebook later on. From my perspective, I exceedingly prescribe you to burrow profound and envision about what Facebook can accomplish for us?

As per the staticstics in 2013, in Vietnam, there are 31 million web clients, 66% get to web ordinary, and 86% have the propensity for utilizing informal organizations which implies there are about 26.66 million informal community clients. Up to August 2013, Vietnam has 19.6 million Facebook clients, representing 21.42% of the populace and 71.4% of web clients. Vietnam is positioned the sixteenth in the world for the development rate of Facebook clients by the time of July 2013.

Facebook is supporting us to do MARKETING better!

Do you realize that each 3s, there is another client on Facebook, and 81% utilize informal communities to make utilization choices?

Facebook Marketing A to Z

First of all, we should clarify what that means to do Marketing on Facebook social network, or what is Facebook Marketing?

(1) You do Facebook Marketing when you have products/services ;(2) you have found out the demands of users/customers for your products/service, what they really need or what they can get from your products/services;(3) and you want to satisfy their demands; (4) to increase profits or benefits;(5) via Facebook social network.

There are diverse approaches to achieve the end-clients: the Follower, Fan, User, and Customer… . You can summon their feeling or incite their insight limit… whatever methodologies separated from hacking, spamming, unlawful communications … then it is that you are doing Facebook Marketing.

In Facebook Marketing, there are 2 groups to concern: 1. People who want to do Marketing (Facebook Marketers), 2. People who use Facebook (Facebook Users).

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Facebook Marketing A to Z


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