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Make Money Adsense


I spent a good deal of money buying profitable adsense websites from contacts and off Flippa for most of 2011. These sites had been around for a while and earned consistently. Then the Panda and Penguin updates started throttling up and in early 2012 they started hitting many of my sites, effectively dropping my revenue through AdSense down to nothing. I spent lots of time and money trying to recover the sites. Many of which I recovered partially, some not at all. I never got the sites back to their full earnings level they had once been at. These sites used to make anywhere from $100 a month to $500 a month each and I had lots of them. This was a huge hit.

I realized I had been spending months and thousands of dollars trying new approaches to get back on top in SERP’s, only to potentially be a victim to future updates Google may decide to throw out there. How would I be able to stomach such dramatic swings in the future? I decided it was time to find a new sustainable traffic source that WASN’T through Google search (or any search for the matter.) I did some research, lots of testing and optimizing and finally found an easy, constantly reliable source of sustainable traffic. I’ve built up my empire of adsense sites once again and am growing it constantly by using outsourcers to do the grunt work.

I’m going to keep this ebook concise with as little fluff as possible as my goal is not to overhype the method, just easily teach you how to get a site making money that does NOT rely on search traffic or paid traffic. Step by step holding your hand throughout.

Make Money Adsense


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