Marketing Kit for Dummies


Markeing kit for Dummies


Alex Hiam is the best-selling author of Marketing For Dummies and The Portable MBA in Marketing, as well as numerous books on management and leadership. He is the founder of INSIGHTS for Training & Development, which provides management, customer service, and sales force training to client companies throughout the world. He also designs and publishes train-ing materials and curricula used by the in-house training departments of many companies and government agencies. You can find descriptions of his firm’s marketing and sales products and services at

Alex gives keynote addresses on topics ranging from marketing for break- through performance to effective leadership in business to how to negotiate with sharks. He received his BA from Harvard, his MBA from U.C. Berkeley, and was a full-time faculty member of the U Mass Amherst business school when his children were younger. Now he devotes his time to consulting, speaking, and running his own firm, where he often gets the chance to apply the principles of “streetwise” marketing himself as well as write about them for his many readers.

Alex’s marketing-related consulting and training work includes leading prod- uct and branding brainstorm sessions, consulting on business and marketing planning, helping to motivate salespeople, and performing communications audits for clients. When not at work, Alex sails his ketch, the Blue Moon, throughout the waters off the East Coast of the United States.


Marketing Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition, covers a wide range of subjects and offers a lot of help to anyone in business, including

✓ Simple, powerful templates and general rules for writing a marketing plan or ad campaign and budgeting your expenses

✓ A collection of advertising templates, brochure templates, and even templates for letterhead and business cards

✓ Insights on how to successfully close the sale through improved sales or marketing techniques

✓ A mini-library of professional photographic images for cost-saving designs

✓ Plenty of ideas, examples, tips, and templates to make your sales and marketing materials look great — and function well, too

✓ Neat marketing software I created to help you do the chores of good marketing quickly and well

✓ Plenty of hands-on tools and activities — many of which I borrowed from high-level corporate training events and workshops — to help you boost your own performance in sales and marketing

I wrote Marketing Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition, for all of you who want to take responsibility for any aspect of sales or marketing in your organization — whether that organization is a small one-person operation, a large multina-tional corporation, or a public sector or nonprofit organization.

Marketing Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition, focuses on helping readers commu-nicate better with customers. Whether person-to-person, through a letter, the telephone, a brochure, a Web site, or any other medium, your customer communications play a vital role in the success of your business. I’ve cued up an immense amount of information, resources, and templates to help you improve your customer communications and your overall business image. Have a peek at the contents of the CD to see what I mean! (But be sure to use this valuable CD — just a peek won’t do — because using it correctly can make the difference between a profitable business and no business.)


When reading this book, be aware of the following conventions:

✓ Web sites and e-mail addresses appear in monofont to help them stand out.

✓ Any information that’s helpful or interesting but not essential appears in sidebars, which are the gray-shaded boxes sprinkled throughout the book.

✓ Whenever I introduce a new term, I italicize it.

✓ CD files are numbered, with the first two digits designating the chapter they support and the next two digits indicating the order in which I refer to them in the chapter.


For those among you who just want to get down to business, you can safely skip the sidebars and still get all the info you need.


I hate to make assumptions about people I don’t know, but, dear reader, I did have to assume a few things about you when writing this book. Hopefully at least one of these assumptions applies to you:

✓ You’re a marketer, salesperson, or at least someone interested in marketing.

✓ Your business isn’t as successful as you’d like it to be, and you want to know how you can fix that.

✓ You know what you need to do to improve your marketing program, but you want someone to walk you through the necessary planning and


✓ Or maybe you aren’t sure what to do; you need to do some planning or develop a winning strategy.


Marketing Kit For Dummies, 3rd Edition, consists of 19 chapters and a CD-ROM that has examples, templates, forms, and software organized to support and extend each chapter’s coverage. Here’s how I organized all this great information.

Part I: Tools for Designing Great Marketing Programs

Things go better when you have a plan in mind. In marketing, this plan can be as simple as a back-of-the-envelope program using the Five Ps (product, pricing, placement, promotions, and people), which I cover in Chapter 1. Or it can be as complex as a detailed, systematic audit of all marketing activities, followed by a carefully written plan and a spreadsheet-based budget to go with it. I cover all these options in Part I, and I include the templates needed to take the sting out of designing a good program that boosts sales and profits. In fact, this book’s planning templates are easier to use and more professional than any of the software programs I have evaluated — and those allcost a great deal more than this book.

Part II: Advertising Management and Design

Ads are often the key element of a marketing program, and in this part, I share insights, how-to tips, and tools to help you design winning ads for your campaign. Advertising needs to start with a good plan and affordable budget, which I cover in Chapter 4. Then you have to actually design hard-hitting ads that draw attention to your message and produce leads and sales. These challenges are covered in Chapter 5.

Part III: Power Alternatives to Advertising

Advertising is costly. In this part, I show you how to get your message across and generate leads and sales in creative ways that cost less than traditional advertising. Sometimes something as simple as a really well-designed business card is the secret to winning business and boosting sales. Newsletters, publicity, catalogs, logos and letterhead, and other marketing elements may also boost your sales. Check out this part if you want to save money on expensive advertising or just to make sure that you’re doing these essentials as well as you can.

Part IV: Honing Your Marketing Skills

Some important skills are involved in doing good marketing. For example, you need to do market research to find out what customers want and how to sell better than your competitors do. And communicating well is obviously important in marketing, so I cover writing in this part as well. The star of this section is that secret ingredient that transforms ordinary marketing into the stuff of brilliant breakthroughs: creativity. I include a chapter that shares many of the techniques and tools from my firm’s corporate creativity workshops to help you make sure that you get that special leverage that only creativity can provide.

Part V: Sales and Service Success

Sales and marketing: That’s what people usually say, separating these two intertwined activities in an artificial way. I don’t really know where selling stops and marketing begins. In every successful business I’ve seen, the two activities work hand in glove to signal new customers to the door, serve current customers, and thank past customers for their business in such a way that they feel good about coming back again. So this part on how to do great sales is an important complement to the other parts of the book. Use it to make sure that you’re finding and closing as many good leads as you possibly can. Or use it to diagnose or improve any sales process, because there’s often room for improved performance.

Part VI: The Part of Tens

This part covers several topics that may give you winning ideas for your marketing program. Take a look at the collection of winning marketing strategies in Chapter 17 — maybe one of them will work for you! I also cover ways to  cut costs and increase the return of your marketing investment in this part. And last but definitely not least, I’ve collected simple ideas for using the Web to boost sales and leverage your marketing program. And don’t overlook the Appendix, which explains how to use the CD, or the CD itself. It’s attached to the inside back cover of this book.


Marketing Kit for Dummies


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