I recently conducted a Facebook ads experiment, and this ebook is a collection of tips that resulted from it. I wrote a blog post that provided background on why I conducted the experiment titled “An Experiment: Facebook Ads Don’t Have to Suck.” I felt that post was the best possible way to introduce what would follow…

As a visitor to my website, you may have recently seen a Facebook ad from me inviting you to participate in an experiment.
The results I’m seeing so far from this experiment are incredible, so I wanted to briefly break down what it is I’m doing and the thought process behind it.


Late at night on December 30, I was wide awake in bed. For whatever reason, I was grappling with the perception of Facebook ads and ads in general.

Ads intrude. Ads sell. Ads push. Ads are seen as a necessary evil to use the Facebook platform.

But what if people wanted to see my ads? What if it was a pleasant surprise to them? What if they felt they had to click? What if these ads served them content they couldn’t see anywhere else?

Creating a Facebook ads campaign that works is all about reaching the right people with the right message at the right time. But what if we took that a step further?

Facebook ads, in general, exist to show you something you may have otherwise missed. They behave as a reminder to buy that product, opt in to that offer or click that link.

These ads don’t truly provide value.

 I’m guilty of this, too. I promote the content you may have already seen (though I do exclude those who already read a certain post when promoting it). I push to make sure that you didn’t miss it the first time. And I promote products or opt-ins you may have otherwise known about.


 Let’s think about ads the way we think about our email newsletter. No one wants to sign up for your stupid newsletter if all it does is remind you to read a post. I have work to do on this personally. I email every time I publish a new blog post. The hope is that I can provide value, background or a different angle within the email version.
Still, that’s boring. That’s why you should provide lead magnet content in exchange for the email address.
People are no longer opting in for a boring email newsletter. They are giving you an email address to see content that they couldn’t see anywhere else.


At 1:10am, I sent the following series of texts to John Robinson, my Backup CEO:

Crazy idea: Facebook ads Easter egg course…

Each lesson delivered via a Facebook ad. You only see the next lesson if you clicked on the previous ad.

Completely free but unique. People would want to click my ads.

I was tired. It may not have made the most sense at the time. But the idea was very clear in my mind. It was a huge, shiny lightbulb that was keeping me awake.

The above is a few line of my introduction about the e-book guide FACEBOOK ADS or FACEBOOK MARKETING . If you want to find out more knowledge about marketing on Facebook , maybe you want it . I share free for who want this .

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